What We Do:

       In an effort to gather thought leaders and influencers working on innovative initiatives that will be shaping our region we will be launching an intimate conversation series. Over the coming months we will feature a number of local leaders, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and activists as speakers on important issues facing Hillsborough county today. These conversation series events will coincide with the Hillsborough county young democrats monthly meetings.

       The Hillsborough County Young Democrats (HCYD) put on monthly events for our members and have hosted fundraisers for candidates running for office.  Our monthly general membership meetings serve as opportunities for young people to learn about and be engaged in their government as well as the political process.  We try and provide the highest quality opportunities for young democrats to become leaders within their community and in the Democratic Party.

       The Hillsborough County Young Democrats are proud to foster relationships with elected officials and policy makers to ensure that young people have a strong voice in our elected government.

       As young professional leaders, we understand the importance of giving back to the community.  We are continuously working to expand our relationship with the Hillsborough County community through acts of service, community relations, and coalition building.

       We are preparing to be the leaders of tomorrow through efforts like Camp Wellstone, New Leaders Council and through the expertise of the local, state and National Democratic Party.


Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other
— John F. Kennedy